Support Elaine's Climate Ride for NorCal Solar and ASES!

Hi Everyone - I'm Elaine Hebert, and I've been active with NorCal Solar for 20 years. I really believe in protecting a beautiful, livable environment. I've decided to undertake a huge physical and social challenge in my 61st year of life on planet Earth. Have you heard of Climate Ride? I'm going to ride my bicycle 320 miles in 5 days to raise money for NorCal Solar and our "parent" organization, the American Solar Energy Society. I'll be in the California Climate Ride May 22-26. Could you support me with a donation? Climate Ride requires that each rider raise $2800, but I'd like to raise more. I'm about halfway to the Climate Ride goal as I write this. You can donate online with a credit card or download a form and mail it with a check directly to Climate Ride. Follow this link for details. Thank you! Feel free to contact me at

If you'd like to ride in a Climate Ride or hike in one of their hikes yourself, these events are scattered around the country and throughout the year. Visit for more info. It's a great way to meet great people involved in climate-related nonprofit work and support a lot of good causes!