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Clarifying the New PV Value Proposition: The ABCs of NEM 2, NBCs, and CCAs

  • The Energy Foundation 301 Battery Street, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA, 94111 United States (map)

Thank you for a fantastic event!

Here are the presenters' slides: Jeanine Cotter Slides, Pete Shoemaker Slides

To accompany Pete Shoemaker's slides, here are a couple of sample bills, one for a customer who is a net importer from the grid (used more than they generated), and one for a net exporter (generated more than they used).



The PV industry is still thriving and the future looks good even with the obvious political challenges. But that doesn't mean things are simple, and there are a lot of new details in the PV equation, including shifting peak periods, non-bypassable charges (NBCs), and Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs), each with their own PV program. It's hard enough for those in the industry to make sense of all this, so imagine what it's like for the public. As Desi often said to Lucy, we got some 'splainin' to do, as confused customers are not good for anyone.

We are convening a working group of industry stakeholders-vendors, CCAs, utilities, consultants-with the goal of organizing and simplifying the many details in the PV conversation and helping all of us communicate more clearly to customers. We will present our results at this event. We invite you to come and help us get a handle on it all, because as you know, we're going to be adding BATTERIES to this whole process! At least it's not boring, right?



Jeanine CotterPresident and CEO, Luminalt
Jeanine co-founded Luminalt to bring clean, reliable, local power to cities and create quality jobs for residents. One of few women CEOs in solar, and one of fewer still who holds the company’s contractors license, she is widely considered an industry expert. 

Pete ShoemakerRenewables Program Coordinator, PG&E
Pete Shoemaker is the Renewables Program Coordinator at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center (PEC) in San Francisco. He teaches and facilitates courses on a variety of subjects, including solar electric (PV) systems, solar water heating systems, integrating and evaluating energy efficiency and renewables, smart grid, energy storage and others.  He also hosts job fairs at the PEC in the PV and smart grid fields.



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