Elaine Hebert

Elaine has served on the Board since 1996 in several capacities, including President.  She is currently the Board's ex-officio member.

Elaine has been interested in solar since the late 1970s and started her renewable energy career as a volunteer for Boston’s Urban Solar Energy Association in the early 1980s. Before earning her B.S. degree from University of California/Davis in Environmental and Resource Science, she worked in the wind energy industry and continued to volunteer in solar. In 2005 the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) awarded her the prestigious Rebecca Vories Award for outstanding volunteer efforts supporting ASES’s mission. In 2007, ASES named her an ASES Fellow, and she serves currently on the ASES Board of Directors (until the end of 2020).

Elaine worked at the California Energy Commission in Sacramento, California from 1994 until her retirement in 2010. She and her sweetheart Mark, also retired, are planning a move to Oregon and will bring their hobbies of gardening, hiking, bicycling, caring for stray kitties, and various volunteer work with them.

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