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Elaine's Climate Ride 2016

Elaine Hebert, NorCal Solar Board of Directors

Hi, everyone! You might have seen my note in a previous NorCal Solar newsletter. This past May I bicycled in a charity bike ride – the California Coast Climate Ride. I raised over $5,000 for NorCal Solar, the American Solar Energy Society, and the Climate Ride organization. THANK YOU to everyone who donated so generously! That $5,000 is an impressive number! 

Here’s a quick report: the route was 320 miles (Fortuna to San Francisco). It’s a hilly route, starting inland at Fortuna then south along the Avenue of the Giants (redwood forest) then to the beautiful Pacific coast. My knees were not accustomed to that many uphills, and my bike had an issue on downhills, so I didn’t ride every single mile. But it was overall a great experience with 106 other spirited, enthusiastic, earth-friendly cyclists from many parts of the country. At the campgrounds in the evenings, we had guest speakers addressing various environmental topics, including Paul Hawken, a Bay Area writer and researcher whom you might recognize from his previous work on the Smith and Hawken gardening catalog. Climate Ride provided wonderful food, and a pair of massage therapists helped us loosen our tight cycling muscles each evening!

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Support Elaine's Climate Ride for NorCal Solar and ASES!

Elaine Hebert, NorCal Solar Board of Directors

Hi Everyone - I'm Elaine Hebert, and I've been active with NorCal Solar for 20 years. I really believe in protecting a beautiful, livable environment. I've decided to undertake a huge physical and social challenge in my 61st year of life on planet Earth. Have you heard of Climate Ride? I'm going to ride my bicycle 320 miles in 5 days to raise money for NorCal Solar and our "parent" organization, the American Solar Energy Society. I'll be in the California Climate Ride May 22-26. Could you support me with a donation? Climate Ride requires that each rider raise $2800, but I'd like to raise more. I'm about halfway to the Climate Ride goal as I write this. You can donate online with a credit card or download a form and mail it with a check directly to Climate Ride. Follow this link for details. Thank you! Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

If you'd like to ride in a Climate Ride or hike in one of their hikes yourself, these events are scattered around the country and throughout the year. for more info. It's a great way to meet great people involved in climate-related nonprofit work and support a lot of good causes!