Jim Augustyn

Jim has served on the Board of Directors since 2019.


He attended his first NorCal Solar meeting in 1977 at the start of his continuing career in solar energy.  Inspired by the intense hope and enthusiasm for solar energy, he wrote The Solar Cat Book, humorously depicting cats as the ultimate masters of solar energy, and gently urging humans to follow suit.  

Jim has also pursued a range of professional activities in solar, from passive solar building design and energy analysis and solar thermal system development, to large scale solar thermal and photovoltaic power generation.  His primary specialization has been in solar radiation measurement R&D for utilities, governments and industrial developers, supporting measurement programs and activities worldwide.

He is a Life Member and Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society, and contributes to the monthly newsletter of the International Solar Energy Society.  In summary, Jim thinks that solar energy is a good thing.

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