Pete Shoemaker

Pete has served on the Board of Directors since 2012. He has been Treasurer since 2017 and is also currently serving as Board President.

Pete is retired from serving as the Renewables Program Coordinator at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center (PEC) in San Francisco. There he taught and facilitated courses on a variety of subjects, including solar electric (PV) systems, solar water heating systems, integrating and evaluating energy efficiency and renewables, smart grid, energy storage and others.  He also hosted job fairs at the PEC in the PV and smart grid fields.

Pete has much experience in the renewables industry, including two years as head of the PV division of Poco Solar Energy, Inc., of Santa Clara, having sold over 50 systems.  He is well-versed in sales and system design for both residential and commercial customers.  Pete has also worked as a PV consultant for green building projects in the City of Pacifica, assisting in design, permitting, and environmental impact reports.

Pete's educational background includes workshop and classroom teaching and curriculum design, including ten years as a lead educational software designer for The Learning Company.  He has a B.A. from Stanford University.

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